Our Story

Over twenty-five years ago, a staged home began buying and selling real estate as investors. Our projects have included historic restorations, new construction, and extensively renovated homes and apartment buildings.


We achieved success by providing move-in-ready homes and staging them so buyers would connect with the home.  A major component of the staging process was decluttering and organizing all storage spaces, including kitchens, baths, closets, and garages. Showing neat, organized, and well-maintained homes made the difference in selling the homes quickly and profitably.


Today, we are able to build upon our experience to offer the most effective organizational solutions for your home.


a staged home is an Independent Consultant for The Container Store in the Tampa Bay area. We provide expert organization services through their Contained Home business initiative and custom closet designs, representing TCS Custom Closet solutions.


In addition, as a professional Contained Home Organizer, we maintain a partnership with The Container Store In-Home Organization Service to create your custom design organization plan.


Karen Leonardo